Cover and enclosure protection systems & fire safety

Accessories for RIA

Heating blanket for RIA


Tarp to put frost RIA.
RIA rotating swivel. Flexible heating panel protected by two PVC coated fabrics.
A heating face (red) and an insulated face (blue).
Wraps around the RIA and fixed with 2 velcro strips.
Temperature regulation by integrated thermostat (10 ° C / + 70 ° C).

230 V / 50 Hz.
Power cable: 2000 mm.
IP 54.

 Available models following brand below

PONS DN 25 Ref. : ICCR0001
PONS DN 33 Ref. : ICCR0002
SICLI DN 25 Ref. : ICCR0003
SICLI DN 33 Ref. : ICCR0004
ROT DN 25 Ref. : ICCR0005
ROT DN 33 Ref. : ICCR0006
POK DN 25 Ref. : ICCR0007
POK DN 33 Ref. : ICCR0008

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